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December 04, 2015
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If you’re interested in a sleep consult, email us your baby’s age (we do sleep consultations for newborn to school age kids) and where you’re located. If you’re in the Los Angeles area we will come to your home. If you’re too far away (we’ve done sleep consults with parents in Mexico, Colorado, the Middle East…you name it) we do the full consultation by Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What sleep issues can you help me with?

The most common issues we address are:

  • Trouble self soothing, adjusting bedtime routines and habits
  • Night wakings
  • Naps, lengthening naps, and setting schedules
  • Breastfeeding and sleeping well
  • Weaning when ready
  • Early rising

Sleep consultations allow us to hold your hand through the process, customize a sleep plan to your family, and answer all the detailed questions you have.

What is your philosophy?

We developed the Happy Sleeper methods to satisfy BOTH the attachment relationship AND good sleep. We don’t support the practice of shutting the door and letting a baby cry it out without response from the parent. Babies need to feel connected to us, as well as capable of good sleep (just 2 of our “3 C’s of good sleep”).

What is the cost? 

Full in-home or Skype consults are $420

30 minute phone consultations are $140

How do I know which I need?

The 30 or 60 minute phone consultations are for parents who have read The Happy Sleeper or taken a sleep class with us. These parents understand the Healthy Sleep Habits outlined in our book and have read through most of the approach — often they have started the Sleep Wave or another technique and need support to make adjustments or follow through.

Do you follow up with me after the sleep consultation?

Yes, we always like to know that things are going well and we want you to feel supported as you embark on improving sleep or changing a sleep pattern. We think it’s important to hold your hand through the process. You can email us with follow up questions.

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