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You can watch our eye-opening Sleep Class for Babies 0-4 months, or our game-changing Sleep Class for Babies 4-24 months on Teachable, and add email support from Julie and Heather! The younger baby class helps you set your newborn on the path to good sleep. The older baby class teaches The Happy Sleeper "Sleep Wave" method for helping little ones fall asleep independently, sleep through the night, and take good naps. When you pay for an online class ($40) you can watch it anytime, anywhere (over and over if you'd like). When you add on email support ($99 total) you can ask Julie and Heather questions about your particular baby after watching the class.


Babies are welcome at our daytime classes. See Class Descriptions if you'd like to know more about the topics covered. We look forward to helping your whole family get a good night's sleep!

To pay for our May 8th sleep class at Bini Birth please use this PayPal button. For all other classes, you can register directly with the venue.


Fri, Sept 13

Educator's workshop at Cornell University

(closed group)

Fri, Oct 25, 11:00am-12:15pm

Sleep class for babies 4-24m

Mother Nurture Network, Redondo Beach

Reserve your space through the MNN directly! (50/person, 65/couple)

Sun, Nov 10, 10:30am - 12pm EST 

Sleep workshop for babies 4-24m (crib sleepers)

92nd Street Y, NYC

See the 92Y website for info and to register

Sun, Nov 10, 1pm - 2:30pm EST 

Sleep workshop for kids 2-6y (bed sleepers)

92nd Street Y, NYC

See the 92Y website for info and to register

Sat, Nov 16

Preschool Sleep workshop

Brentwood Presbyterian Church




Class Descriptions


This class is designed to give parents specific tools to gradually step back and allow babies to practice emerging self-soothing skills. We call this the “curious stance” and the good news is, it really works! Our favorite thing is teaching this way of thinking about young babies, because we are following their natural, developmental path. We don’t expect babies this young to “sleep through the night,” but we do see their skills unfold and sleep improve. This class covers,

  • Your baby’s sleep timeline – what to expect
  • Choosing a bedtime and bedtime routines
  • The ideal sleep environment
  • Self soothing and The Soothing Ladder method
  • Naps and the 90 minute Awake Window
  • The 4 month sleep regression
  • Breast or bottle feeding and sleep

You will leave this class understanding how to follow your baby’s natural self -soothing abilities.

Watch the pre-recorded class here. 


By the time your baby reaches 4-5 months of age, she's ready and capable of good sleep! In this class we teach parents how to be sensitive and nurturing, but also clear and structured so babies reach their full sleep potential. The techniques taught in this class are based on The Happy Sleeper book (focusing on Chapter 4). We teach the 5 best healthy sleep habits, demonstrate the Sleep Wave, trouble shoot, and give parents tips we've learned from years of family sleep consultations. This class covers,

  • Bedtime routines and falling asleep independently
  • Night wakings
  • Maintaining breastfeeding and good sleep
  • Short naps, irregular schedules
  • Early rising

You will leave this class with a clear, sensitive sleep plan for your baby.

Watch the pre-recorded class here.


This class covers bedtime resistance, sleeping independently, sleeping through the night, naps, and nightmares/fears of the dark. We demonstrate the Sleep Wave AND the Reverse Sleep Wave techniques. *There is currently no pre-recorded sleep class for this age range. If you would like to host a sleep class at your preschool, we would be happy to talk! Please email us at

Lectures for parents, clinicians and educators

We speak at conferences, events, and schools in lecture or workshop format. Talks can be customized for your needs and age group (baby through school-age children). Please ask us about scheduling and speaking fees: Our most popular topics include healthy sleep habits and strategies, ALP communication, setting limits with empathy, screen time, sibling conflicts, and more.

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