Mini Consults to the Rescue!

February 22, 2016


Let’s say you have The Happy Sleeper book. You’ve read the chapter for your baby’s age, you’ve taken some notes or talked it over with your partner. Maybe you’ve even started your sleep plan.

But you still have questions – that’s okay!

Every baby and every family is different. Thankfully, we’ve figured out that MINI PHONE CONSULTS are incredibly successful. Our readers tell us over and over how helpful it is to talk to us and hash out some of the details before embarking on their sleep plan, or steer the sleep plan in the right direction once it’s under way. Here are some examples of when a mini consult has come to the rescue…

  • Parents have started the Sleep Wave but the baby is still taking longer to fall asleep or is waking up more than they’d expect.
  • The sleep plan was working beautifully, but something changed! We help you tease out what happened and get you back on track.
  • The Sleep Wave is working well at night, but naps are still an issue.
  • The techniques in the book sound lovely, but you have a studio apartment or some other space/schedule consideration and want advice on how to tailor.
  • You need us to hold your hand through this process — you wouldn’t believe how often we do this and how helpful our readers find it to just know we’re there for you, on your side.

Mini consults are only available for people who have read our book, or have taken The Happy Sleeper class online or in person. We do 30 minute sessions ($140) or 60 minute sessions ($280). Many troubleshooting questions can be answered in 30 minutes, especially if you’re familiar with our approach.

If that sounds like just what you need, let us know! Email us at

Heather and Julie

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