Sleep Consultations

Email to schedule a consultation.

In one-on-one sleep consultations (by phone, Skype, or in-home if you live in LA or NYC), Julie and Heather will create an individualized sleep plan for your family. We do sleep consultations for babies, toddlers, and school age kids.

To Schedule

Email us at to schedule a consultation. Please tell us what city you live in and the age of your baby. We will write you back with available days and times. We are quick and effective -- most families tell us they really wish they had reached out sooner!

How It Works

Sleep consultations are incredibly effective. Often a baby or child’s sleep improves in under a week with one-on-one guidance. In a sleep consultation we,

  1. Ask you questions to get a picture of your baby or child’s history regarding sleep, nighttime feedings, and any other information relevant to sleep.
  2. Understand your family’s sleep goals, because they vary. There isn’t one “right way” to sleep. Our goal for you is that your whole family has healthy sleep, and that your sleep patterns and routines work for everyone in the house.
  3. We collaborate on creating a strong and clear sleep plan for you that has true potential for success. Two things make a sleep consult successful: It’s comprehensive and focused (we recommend both partners be there if possible) and you feel confident and prepared to be very consistent in your new routines and behaviors. Both these pieces make a sleep plan effective and reassuring to your baby or child.


  • Full 90-minute consult in your home (includes 2 weeks of follow up) – $420
  • Full 90-minute consult by phone or video call (includes 2 weeks of follow up) – $420
  • 1 hour phone session – $280*
  • ½ hour phone session – $140*
  • Online class plus email support -- $99 (watch our online class and receive email support from Heather and Julie. See more details on our Teachable site).

Follow ups

Two weeks of follow up are included with full 90-minute consultations. During this time, we’re happy to answer brief emails and/or have 2 or 3, 5-10 minute phone chats, if needed, to troubleshoot your plan. These brief catch-ups are helpful, plus, we like to hear from you about your progress!

*These shorter phone sessions are offered for people who have read our book or attended a Happy Sleeper class. This is for people who understand the basic approach and need additional help without a full consultation. If you have the book, a phone consultation can work well for issues like baby not napping well, taking a long time to fall asleep, questions about schedules, nap or nighttime sleep regression, separation anxiety…As long as you know the basic concepts and have our book as reference, a phone consult can be very helpful.

Parenting Consultations

We're here to help! Heather and Julie work with families all over the world to improve communication, address behavioral issues, and navigate difficult moments in a way that is empathic and effective. If you live in the Los Angeles or NYC area we can schedule in-person sessions. For parents outside these two areas we offer phone and Skype sessions. Here are some of the issues we can help with,

  • Tantrums and navigating big feelings
  • Engaging cooperation and listening
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Screentime limits
  • Physical behaviors such as hitting
  • Mealtime
  • Homework struggles
  • Family communication
  • Establishing family routines, chores and responsibilities

If you have a toddler, school age child, or teen, we're happy to help you improve family relationships and communication. Please email us at to inquire about fees. Our fees for parenting consultations are different than for sleep consultations.



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To book a consult, please email your names, child’s birth date and your sleep goals to