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October 26, 2015

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Join us – we’ll get your family on the path to good sleep!

On November 10th, 11:15am-12:45pm we’ll be holding our super informative, practical, and fun (yes fun!) sleep class for babies 4-24 months in Santa Monica.

Email us at to sign up ($30/family). Babies are  welcome! The space is very cozy and baby friendly – let them play, feed, or sleep while you listen to our 60 minute class (30 minutes for questions).

About the Class

Many parents feel pressured to “train” babies to sleep. But kids don’t need to be trained to sleep, they’re built to sleep. Sleep issues arise when parents (with the best of intentions) overhelp or “helicopter parent” at night—overshadowing their baby’s innate biological ability to sleep well. In The Happy Sleeper class, authors and sleep experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright teach parents how to be sensitive and nurturing, but also clear and structured. This class will help you through sleep issues like,

  • Bedtime routines and falling asleep independently
  • Night wakings
  • Maintaining breastfeeding and good sleep
  • Short naps, irregular schedules
  • Early rising

You will leave this class with a clear, sensitive sleep plan for your baby.

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(This photo is from our keynote seminar at The Bump Club conference. Karate Kids studio has a different layout, with backjack chairs and great floor space for talking and playing).

Email to sign up! — Heather and Julie


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To book a consult, please email your names, child’s birth date and your sleep goals to