We're spreading the word that babies are built to sleep. Heather and Julie offer personalized in-home sleep consultations (Los Angeles and New York City area) and phone/Skype consultations (all over the world) for babies through school age children, as well as classes (ONLINE and in-person/by Webinar). No sleep problem is too tricky! Email



We offer 90-minute in home (Los Angeles and New York city area) or Skype/phone consultations (U.S. or international), or 30- 60 minute mini phone consults to help with sleep issues like,

  • Baby not able to self soothe
  • Night wakings
  • Inconsistent/short naps
  • Moving to the crib or transitioning from co-sleeping
  • Supporting breastfeeding and sleep
  • Toddler/preschooler sleep

See more information here or email us at to request a consult.


ONLINE anytime: Now you can watch our popular Happy Sleeper Class for Babies 0-4 Months, or Babies 4-24 Months ONLINE! Self-soothing, bedtime routines, night wakings, feeding and weaning at night, naps and schedules--all are covered. If you choose this option, you can watch and re-watch the class anytime.

IN-PERSON/WEBINAR: Register for a live sleep class HERE! Our sleep classes teach The Happy Sleeper methods for helping babies and preschoolers fall asleep independently, sleep through the night (keeping in feedings if baby is still eating at night), and take good naps. Come to an in-person class or join us by Webinar and find out what all the buzz is about! If you choose this option, you have the chance to ask questions (depending on the size of the class).

*Julie's Wright Mommy and Me program has a new home! Learn more and sign up for a baby's first year group.



"You guys are miracle workers!!" - Jennifer

"Wow!!!!! We started to follow your instructions on Monday and it has been amazing! I feel so silly for not going ahead and doing this earlier. We are all so happy! Thank you soooo much!" - Karen

"It's been a wonderful success! We felt as though there had to be a middle ground, and your book was it! " - Carey

"I feel SO much more in control after just 3 days of the Sleep Wave." - Susan

"Amazing! WOW! Starting to feel human again!" - Lindsay

"Thank you again! Bedtime is such lovely quality time now and me and my husband have evenings together again!" - Laura

"Just wanted to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
I feel such an overwhelming sense of freedom and competence...freedom in that I'm not spending 60 min bouncing and rocking, and competence that the plan is working." - Teri

"Last night Jack only woke up once for a quick feed and then right back to bed without a peep!" - Julia

"We put your advice straight to work and it's been great! She's sleeping through the night, thank you! Both Chris and I are enjoying our evenings together again!" - Jen

"Last night she slept from 7:30 to 6:15!!!! It's amazing!!! This morning and now, I just took her to take her to nap and again! she didn't complain! and fell asleep! This is AMAZING Julie!"
- Liz

"Your book has helped with our little girls sleep more than anything else I've read."- Agata “aka, thankful”

We started the sleep wave with our 5 month old three nights ago. I just woke up from my third night in a row of sleeping 8 hours! My baby is still happily sleeping! Now I know that my EBF baby can still sleep 11 hours! - Michelle

"Your book has been a gift to our family! I tell every new parent I know about it :)" Alice



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To book a consult, please email your names, child’s birth date and your sleep goals to